You are Stone Mane, a mare of science and experiments. And now you must survive in the cold north after your zeppelin crashed in the wilderness.
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2017-11-18 02:31:43 No. 31393668
Discord is disabled, I am in good mood and mental condition, so we may as well start a thing and carry it on to see what we will get yourselves into. It would be a shame to waste such an occasion and sign from above.

>Blackness is overrated anyway, so you are somewhere in the white void.
>Your vision is blurred, obstructed.
>Cold and some kind of a force hits you as you tremble, blinking.
>Eyes. Ears, you flicker your ears.
>They are filled with intense buzzing and slowly growing louder whistle of some sort.
>It's so cold.
>Who are you? Do you remember anything?
>What do you do?
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