You're a thief. You're going to rob this wizard. Now if only he wasn't such a fan of logic puzzles.
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Lockepicke wakes up early the next day and begins asking around about the wizard.

The description the townsfolk give of the wizard Axon is very similar to what the stallions said last night.

He seems to have been a bit of a loner. An old, wrinkly unicorn who walked around in the odd sort of garb that wizards tend to be seen in. In this case, Axon seems to have wandered about in a simple but stylish gray robe, sporting a hat that looked a bit like a beehive made of bandages.

No one seems to know much about him at all, even the stallion from last night's "beau" at the grocery store. The grocery store mare does however, know where his tower is, and after getting the address and stocking up on some supplies, Lockepicke makes her way out there.

It's hours before she reaches the tower. Why do wizard's always insist on having towers way out in the middle of nowhere? It's nothing that impressive really either. it's a gray, brick tower with some sort of odd red roof atop it. It almost looks like a squished teardrop. She approaches the door to the place and reaches out to open the door, noticing that there doesn't seem to be a handle.

Scratching her head, she gives it a push, attempts to pull it, and then knocks. The mare then knocks louder. That fails to do anything, and so she attempts to kick down the door.

The door doesn't budge a bit, and she decides to look around.

To the right of the door is some sort of blank metal placard with a small overhang atop it. Beneath the placard are the words "ANNOUNCE YOUR PRESENCE."

To the left of the door is some contraption with beads and stuff. She doesn't know what it's for, and decides not to mess with it.

What does Lockepicke do?
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