You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>Already five months have passed since first Dog soldier entered Equestria, at least radio said it some time ago.
>A month ago, you remember, first shell fell upon your home city of Fillydelphia, which is now presumably besieged by enemy forces, who, as you know, are relentless in their attempts to conquer it, or at least turn it into a nice pile of rubble.
>You [player description needed] are sitting right in the middle of a little, mostly wooden house near the outskirts, which is yet mostly intact by intense bombardments and artillery strikes.
>It is relatively calm place that you have stumbled upon about a day before, right after some Equestrian soldiers expelled you from your place in block of flats, which they needed "for wounded ponies". At least they gave you some hay as a compensation, right?
>Cold wind rushes throught broken windows, giving you slight chills, leaves from nearby tree fly by you like really late butterflies. Clouds gather on the horizon, it will most likely rain later.
>Sun rises, accompanied by muffled sound of explosions and gunshots.
>You haven't check what this place has to offer yet, all you can see now is some moderately small piles of rubble and trash, and passages to other rooms.

You can survive two (2) days thanks to the supplies you have gathered. You aren't able to treat any wounds you might have. You can't recover from any disease. House isn't safe against the bandits. You don't posess any weapons.

[I may regret it, but I am starting a CYOA, text based one. You most likely already know the premise. You have to choose who are you in the first place, then your main quest will be to survive and maybe, just maybe, manage to flee from war-torn Fillydelphia. You can influence the game world, willingly or not. You can even be killed if you are not careful enough. If my English will become unbearable, let me know, I will search for more words and drink less alcohol ]
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