You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>You have decided to check the cupboards. All of them seemed untouched and were covered in dust. When you opened the first one, you have found some cutlery, among it a good bread knife and numerous dishes: plates, pots of various sizes, mugs.
>The next cupboard gave you a bucket of potatoes, three onions and some mice that runned away squeaking. Every other piece of food in there wasn't fit for use, either decomposing or contaminated by mouse shit. You couldn't reckognize most of it thanks to it's current state.
>The third one contained detergents, nothing really useful in your current situation.
>And finally, in the last cupboard you have found was full of canned goods, fruits mostly. They sure were full of sweet treats and, what is more important, juice that could hydrate your young body. However you know that among the cutlery found in the first cupboard there wasn't any can opener, which made things more difficult.
>The Sun is slovly covered by thick, dark clouds. Shooting in the distance fades.
>What now?

You can survive four (4) days thanks to the supplies you have gathered, seven (7) if you manage to open the cans. You aren't able to treat any wounds you might have. You can't recover from any disease. House isn't safe against the bandits. You posess an ordinary kitchen knife.
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