You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-05 04:38:19 No. 24574384
Check wardrobe and the books. After that try to move the bookshelf and see why the board is different.

2015-09-05 05:03:59 No. 24574731
>Contents of wardrobe were as regular as they could, maybe a bit damp, most likely thanks to the broken window - rather poor barrier against humidity present in the air.
>There were three fancy dresses, one of them has some jewellery or something like that before, you could tell because something was definitely torn off the cloth.
>There was also a light cloak. Not any single piece of outfit that could give you any warmth.
>After searching the wardrobe you proceeded to see what's in the books. Titles were pretty ordinary: "A Stallion that left me", "How to cook fancy meals for a hooffull of bits" or "Gone with the bombs". It was quite hard to read them, because pages were moist, some sticked to each other. Books can be useful when dried first.
>Last thing you did was to try to move the bookshelf to see what's with the odd board behind it.
>At first you couldn't move it more than a few milimeters, but then you have realized that you have your horn for a reason.
>With a little help from telekinesis you finally loudly put the insubordinate furniture somewhere else.
>The board behind it was loose. Removed, it revealed small, rectangular stash. It seemed to be searched before, however looters or former owner of this very home overlooked several bits and a mysterious flask.

Earned six (6) bits.
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