You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>You have returned to your battered cottage and rushed to make it at least slightly more cozy.
>For now all you did was to move most of the furniture and loose boards that you have found to block the windows and keep the cold wind, rain and, in future, other water's states of matter off your place.
>Now your shelter became spacious and more quiet. Air is not blowing through the whole place anymore, however it isn't much warmer. >That's because you haven't managed to find or construct any source of heat apart from the stove yet.
>You feel pretty worn out, like after a long run after pushing all kinds of various furniture, including wardrobe, here and there.
>You also remember that only magic has helped you to move bookshelf in the bedroom before.
>But all you have tried yet was just telekinesis.
>To sum it all up, you are physicaly weak, but your skills in moving objects via magic is above good.

You can survive four (4) days thanks to the supplies you have gathered, seven (7) if you manage to open the cans. You may be able to treat minor wounds you might have [possible healing potion]. You may recover from any disease [possible healing potion]. You have boarded the windows. House is slightly safe against the bandits and the weather. You posess an ordinary kitchen knife.

[Name assumed, sorry for mistake.]
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