You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-06 08:19:28 No. 24581406
What season is it?
What's the climate like?
Average day/night temperature?

Do we have bedding/cover?
Is there a fireplace in the house?

Can we use magic to open the cans or start a fire?

2015-09-06 08:26:22 No. 24581442
We could probably bash some rocks and metal to get a spark. Would need tinder though.

2015-09-06 08:58:38 No. 24581595
[Unnecessary arrow in one sentence, you are now my personal enemy]
>Imagine New England, I based it on general climate of Slavic countries.
>For now it is 14 degrees C during day and 5 degrees C during night.
>You memorized a light cloak hanging in the wardrobe blocking bedroom's window. It was damp from the moisture present in air.
>You also went to check what about the bed. It was still in the same state you saw it for the first time.
>Naked wooden skeleton devoid of any matress or bedsheets. Not really nice place to lie, but if you will find something to cover bare wood it still would be better than sleeping on the floor.
>Fireplace is located in the living room, a small pile of rubble may be seen in the middle. Some chopped firewood still remain in a metal basket by it's side. There's no matches or flint on a shelf above fireplace.
>You are unsure if chimney is unobstructed, no wind is heard in there. But hey, it's not that you are going to die from carbon monoxide poisoning too fast, air is still moving in the house.
>You remove the obstacles in the fireplace.
>You use your horn to summon a sparkle. And again. Nope, you are hungry and worn out, the magic that leaves you sizzles on the wood, not doing much more.
>However, smart ponies have other ways to achieve what they want. You consider yourself as smart individual.
>Several minutes spent on bashing a nail against stone later you were looking into a nice, orange fire.
>With the heating secured for now, you trotted to the kitchen to recover a can of food.
>Azure light surrounded metal cylinder.
>You lifted it, turned it around several times, waved it sideways, but can remained closed, hiding it's treasure from you.
>You just can't form immaterial can opener or a blade.

Heating works now. Wood allows you to keep your shelter warm for two (2) days. Six (6) days more if you begin to burn furniture.
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