You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-06 07:06:27 No. 24587445
Can i get a quick summery on this CYOA, or a pastebin?

Don't send me that archiving website, the 4chan and moe layout are hard on my eyes.

2015-09-06 07:33:27 No. 24587727
Basically, you are a young unicorn mare, teen to adult, that has found herself in a presumably besieged city of Fillydelphia. Times could be better, Dogs try to either take the city or blast it into oblivion. You are currently hiding your fragile horse body inside a small suburb house, more like cottage, that you managed to make more habitable by preparing a fireplace, covering broken windows with boards and furniture, getting a nice, althought not fit for colder conditions cloak and finally removing it's former inhabitant. It's autumn. You must survive.

What's a pastebin?
You can easily distinguish friendlies and enemies [duh], you know that Dogs have more than a mere infantry up their sleeve [artillery, aeroplanes]. Nothing sure about ponies. You haven't met any soldiers apart from some Equestrians that turned your previous home into lazaret, expelling you.

You took a quick peek through the crevice between boards to see that rain wasn't a concern anymore. However sky remained grey and cloudy.
>Then your wiser side pushed you to search a cover, as far from any windows as possible.
>You were lying in literal middle of the house, covering your head with your hooves and waiting for what might happen.
>Hum of flying terror was slowly fading, but not before you heard specific, long, high-pitched zing. Bombs away.
>Loud and deep, but not really close detonations made ground under you vibrate, shards of glass still present in windows started to ring quietly.
>Your brain decided that this is a perfect moment to remind you that your current hideout doesn't have any basement. YOu could swear you heard it's evil laugh.

[One more post from me and I'll go to bed, it's really late. You can ask questions freely but you will not know more than this poor nameless mare.]
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