You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-06 08:30:55 No. 24588328
>You came to conclusion that waiting in tactically correct, well-thought position...
>No, hold on. You have curled yourself up in a ball of horror, begging the enclosing sound of falling bombs to go away and leave you alone.
>Just now, sirens started to wail, barely hearable now.
>Of course they were late.
>Not a single bomb fell on your hiding place, but you were absolutely sure that last detonation was too close for your tastes. The dust falling from above helped you in your judgement. Maybe neighouring house was hit, maybe the one opposite to yours.
>At last, aeroplanes were gone, their humming disappeared in regular sounds of faraway noises.
>Enemy rarely bombed the outskirts, in fact this part could not be even close to the primal target, you saw just two craters after all.
>One of them in your garden. Barely a few meters away.
>So something must have happened. There must be a reason for this air raid, right?
>Startled and puzzled by the recent happening you carefully uncurled yourself, shot a glance to the ceiling to see that it is intact.
>Then you cautiously stuck your head through the door to see what is going on.
>Gray sky greeted you with soft, chilly breeze combing your not so clean mane.
>Opposite house was standing where it should be, fast look on your left showed you smoky, smoldering ruins.
>Well, riddle was solved swiftly.
>The wrecked car you searched yesterday was now even more destroyed, generic white stallion lying further than he should.
>Satisfied with your observations and more calm than a while ago you went to exact same place you were yesterday.
>Wooden door on the side of the roof still were there. And ladder was still just a concept in your head. You need something to help you climb to the attic entrance.

[Good night, fellow Anons. Or maybe "good day"? I will return 13 or 14 Eastern European.]

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