You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-06 11:53:19 No. 24590792
Also see if any of the other houses are in better shape, and look for bags to pack supplies in to hit the road.

2015-09-07 12:35:09 No. 24591277
How much do we know about the state of the battle/war? Is it limited to Fillydelphia? Are they just bombarding the city or do they have troops in the city? Are the Dogs attacking from one side or is the city completely besieged?

2015-09-07 05:44:24 No. 24592778
>You clearly don't have necessary means now, you thought, to check what's in the attic. Calming your curiousity with visions of old, dusty boxes, some useless artifacts left by family living there, or just good ol' nothing was easy enough.
>But there were other places that needed your attention, and maybe a little visit or two. It's not that somepony will complain about your intrusion, right?
>A new objective formed in your mind. You should look for some saddlebags, or at least a pouch. Who knows when you will need to move around?
>To some place with basement, you determined. Getting obliterated by some bomb while lying on a plain floor right in the middle of a building wasn't a nice perspective.
>Easier said than done, there weren't any bags in your range of sight.
>Nopony said that they couldn't be in one of other houses which you just recently intended to visit.
>One closest to the left was not an option anymore, you you aimed for opposite one.
>Door weren't locked, one push and they gave up, letting you into the dim cottage.
>Builded in the same way as yours, it was probably hosting bigger family, because you could spot two more beds, one of them bunk in what you assumend was living room. All of them had bedsheets and matresses intact.
>Quick but quite accurate checking of other rooms proved that only front windows are broken. And everything that could be packed and carried away, indeed was.
>All in all, house was in better condition, however it was nearly completely empty. No food, no medicaments, no spare clothes.
>Maybe you will need that toolbox over there, though. It was lying under the bathtub.
>Move on to another house, pick toolbox?

>While taking your time to decide what to do, you assumed that before clearly stating where you want to go later and what would you do there, it is wise to sum up your current knowledge about this war. Maybe then you will be thinking more clearly and be more brave.
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