You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-07 05:55:46 No. 24592814
Take the toolbox, we may need the tools while looting. From the sound of it this house is better than the one we're in. Less broken windows and a bed is a plus, so assuming we don't find a better one we'll move our stuff to this one later.

Also, what tools are in the toolbox?

2015-09-07 07:02:46 No. 24593019
Let's move onto the next house. Considering that we are above average when it comes to telekinesis I think a brick will be an effective weapon and we should look out for one.

2015-09-07 07:32:03 No. 24593166
>Taking toolbox with you sounded like a good idea, stuff in it can be useful, depending on what will you encounter on your way.
>Box was sturdy, and it contained a typical hosehold hammer, pliers, simple saw, pack of nails, three screvdrivers of different sizes, screws, copper wire, monkey wrench and currenly useless level.
>All tools were used often, it was easy to see. Nevertheless, it's quite a discovery, you could say.
>Thanks to your replenished magic energy you were able to pick it up and carry without any effort, but you could still use a bag.
>Walking around with your belongings flying on your sides would surely look funny, on the other hand you weren't sure how your magic will behave if you were, let's say, running.
>You carried obtained toolbox back you your shelter, just so you will know where it is if you'd decide to move out.
>Going clockwise, you visited another cottage, located on the right side of the one you were earlier.
>You looked for a brick you could use as an improvised weapon apart from a knife safely stored in your hideout.
>Unfortunate coincidence, all houses around were mostly wooden, not counting their fireplaces.
>Maybe a plank will do for now? Loot the house anyway?
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