You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-07 04:40:26 No. 24598381
Probably for the best. If they were soldiers then they wouldn't have time for us anyway.
We should check another house nearby.

2015-09-07 05:28:51 No. 24598881
>Unknown squad, or pack maybe was gone, you stated to convince yourself that danger isn't present anymore.
>You slunk towards the door, your nerves stretched.
>You were far away from panicking, but worry was still rooted deeply in your brain.
>You opened the door just enough to create a thin crevice, allowing you to peek outside.
>There was nopony to be found, so after a while you opened the door and left the cottage.
>You haven't spotted anything out of norm, which meant no living body nearby.
>Soldiers must have entered other street or took cover, they weren't visible. You don't know who were they, enemies or friendlies.
>You didn't care, though. More important was last house, the one on the right.
>Windows were professionally boarded, but door greeted you wide open.
>Some blood and a tooth were visible on the ground. Both were here for longer time than you.
>On the wall opposite to door, right in front of you, someone wrote: "All gone". He/she used charcoal.
>House was completely silent.
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