You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-07 06:54:27 No. 24599858
We should look for something to write a note on. We can drop the note off at the front of the occupied house so we personally don't have to talk with the inhabitants and put our life at risk. Tell them that we were wondering if they would be willing to work together and to leave their response at the "all gone" house.

2015-09-07 06:45:23 No. 24599730
Tomorrow we can break down the old bedframe for wood and possibly nails if it's an older one.

2015-09-07 06:50:47 No. 24599806
We could maybe use pieces of the wooden frame with ductape or nails to or nails to fix the ladder.
But that can be done tomorrow.

2015-09-07 07:26:08 No. 24600214
>A single idea had struck your mind, simultaneously one of most basic, yet difficult to come up with during harsh times.
>You have decided to look for some scraps of paper or other things you could write on, and leave a note for survivor you've almost met!
>You found several paper shards, you've took biggest one and wrote "I want to meet with you by cottage two lots right from bombed house. Wait for me there about midday" using some charcoal from your fireplace.
>You left this note, pressed to ground by some lath, in front of presumably reinforced house.
>Then you tried to rest.

>It's almost midnight.
>You couldn't fall asleep thanks to raging gunfight, now supported by intense mortar fire.
>You used given time to fix the ladder you took from last visited house.
>All gaps were filled by planks from bedframe. It looked more solid, but you still need to test it.
>You have acquired some more nails.
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