You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"I think this poor pony was named Corkscrew."
>Some more air escaped your muzzle.
"And he has commited suicide. I found him hanging in the bathroom, later I had to relocate his corpse."
>"Sweet filly Princess Luna, that's terrible! Why would he?"
>Cunshions seemingly couldn't easily believe you, but not because she was thinking you are lying.
>"H-he lived in cottage on the left, now yours I presume. He had a wife, two sons and a daughter. Oh, such a fine stallion he was, caring and tender." her sad, slightly shaky voice was filling your ears. But apart of sadness some spite appeared when she moved on.
>"His wife was not as good person. She was a passive-aggresive witch, to be honest. Walking stereotype of gosipping, envious mare. I wonder where she's now. She left without him." Clean continued to talk, it must've been her way of coping with the news.
>"I hope that his foals are safe now. War is nasty time for everyone, but for kids even more. We should bury Corkscrew, he doesn't deserve to rot in the open."
>She stood up, took few steps towards the exit and waited for you to follow.
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