You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"It surely is more secure than mine. It has a lock, for one."
>You responded, and with that you've brought faint smile on older mare's muzzle.
"I can wait until morning to move all my belongings, so it won't be any trouble for you, Clean."
>"It wouldn't be anyway, but do as you please. Come on."
>She led you to her house and unlocked the door, letting you inside.
>Mare entered right after you, locked the door again and then placed board across it, making simple barricade.
>You took a look around to see almost regular house.
>Apart from boarded windows everything was completely normal.
>Fire was blazing, feeling place with warmth and amber light.
>Living room contained some cupboards fitted with glass and shelves with various souvenirs and artifacts. Glass doors were cracked here and there.
>There was also soft, dark blue sofa, bookcase and even TV, which wasn't working. Some photos were hanging from the walls.
>"Feel like at home, sweetie. You'll sleep on sofa, I will bring you some bedsheets."
>Soon Cushions prepared you a fine, maybe bit tight bed.
>"Are you hungry or thirsty? I'll give you something if you want, fridge's not very useful anymore, but our ancestors had no fridges at all, right?"
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