You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-09 06:06:28 No. 24617539
Is the water completely shut off, or were we just in a shitty house that hadn't paid the bills?
If there's still running water, fill anything and everything up we can, including the tub.

If not, make a note that water rationing needs to start now cause as far as I'm aware, we only have two bottles of water, and that's not gonna last any amount of time, especially if we bunk up with Clean. Ask if she knows of any local streams or rivers to get water from if it comes down to it. Also be wary of foods with salts and sugars in it since that burns more water.

As for questions, she mentioned ponies in other boarded up houses, does she know the ponies in them, or are they strangers in the same position as us.

2015-09-09 06:59:58 No. 24617726
"Is there still running water here at this very moment or it is shut off completely?"
>"Water in not our concern for now, I was thinking in advance."
>To prove her words she approached three last cupboards and opened them widely. All of them contained multiple pots, roundels, even mugs filled with life-giving liquid.
>"You see, we're good for some days."
"Still I think we should ration it since we are going to live together. I have two litres of water in my shelter, and this is a daily amount, if we're thrifty."
>"Aw fu... nevermind, I should've see that faster. We will have to look for more water, then. And a way to store it, I'm out of pots."
"Maybe there's a stream or river nearby?"
>"Closest one flows through city centre. I think this is ridiculously far, could be on the Moon as well." she seems both worried and irritated.
"We'll have to eat less salty or sweet food then, because these two spices fuel thirst."
>Clean Cushions looked warily at soup she prepared. All of a sudden in faint light you spotted a metal dishdryer full of plates. Recently cleaned ones.
"Or we can just go and ask other ponies, maybe they are willing to share." you said, ignoring dishdryer for now, you've already told her about rationing.
>"More like to barter. And I don't know for one hundred percent if they are really there, I'm just assuming. Local ponies are somewhat bound to this district."
>You couldn't supress a sudden yawn, mare yawned right after you.
>"It looks like somepony's sleepy! And I'm not talking just about myself. We'll figure something out tomorrow. Go and hit the hay, Spring."
>With this said, Clean smiled at you and went to her bedroom.

>You proceeded to lie down on the couch in living room and fell asleep soon after.
>Sounds of war didn't disturb your rest.
>You woke up fresh and hungry in the morning.
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