You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-09 08:01:09 No. 24624874
Could we not get more of the stuff into the toolbox and bucket? There must be more space in the toolbox at least. It's nearly empty right now.

2015-09-09 08:47:47 No. 24625495
>You gathered potatoes that fell out of the bucket and filled it again to see if there's more space for your belongings in there.
>It had to be really, really small stuff if it's going to fit.
>Next you moved on to your toolbox. It seemed full at first glance, mostly because saw, level, wrench and wire took some place, but after rearrangement you could put some cans in, not all of them unfortunately.
>One tin out of seven wasn't going to fit.
>Especially that you needed to have space for medicaments and syringe. And also for bits.
>But now amount of objects you had to carry had decreased.
>It was much easier and after this weird sensation vanished, you felt relieved.
>You got yourself together and trotted quickly towards Clean, ready to beat your previous record at jumping to safety.
>"Is this all? My Celestia, that was hell of a time. Here, let me help."
>Not waiting for your permission she took toolbox away from you, pushed it towards living room and picked potatoes.
>She carried your bucket to the kitchen and upon return closed and barricaded door.
>In the same time you plumped water and remaining tin beside toolbox.
"Yes, that's all. At least until we will be in need of wood."

>You both decided that taking a break after this unwanted adventure was a good idea.
>You remained silent.
>Celestia's Sun visibly moved towards West when your companion broke quietness.
>"So, you said you are going to explain why current pause soldiers took from blowing their brains out is a good sign."
"I did. I told that because I want us to check if there are any other survivors nearby and to determine if they are indifferent, friendly or, Princesses forbid, hostile towards us." you elaborated eagerly.
>"But what about house, I'm preeeetty sure that simple locking it up won't work in case of bandits raid. One of us should stay here on guard." she withheld her enthusiasm and hestitated. "Visiting alone isn't smart too. If they are hostile, we're screwed."
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