You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-10 09:51:20 No. 24630050
Covered in leaves? Sounds like they have pit traps. We should leave them a note to meat us somewhere open and nearby.
We can see them coming and they can see us.

2015-09-10 10:02:27 No. 24630114
This. The leaves sound like some kind of trap.
>meat us
Let's not ask them to do that.

2015-09-10 02:56:05 No. 24632278
>You were not too eager to take even single step on lawn covered by leaf rug.
>Something told you that there might be hidden holes full of awful surprises there.
"Have you taken any paper with you, and something to write on it?" you murmured.
>"Of course, Spring, here you are" she went through her bag and gave you one regular, not torn, paper sheet and a pencil.
>You wrote simple note: 'I'm a survivor and I want to meet you somewhere nearby. In the open, so I can see you and you can see me.'
>Then you crossed out 'somewhere nearby' and faced Cushions.
"Do you know any open space nerby? Playground, hoofball field, park?" you asked quietly.
>"Well, there's a school two blocks north, towards city. It has a playground."
>You replied while replacing nearby and in the open part by 'local school's playground'.
>Then you sneaked towards possesion's borders with intention to place your absolutely flawless note on pavement.
>Before you achieved your target, all of a sudden one of front windows opened widely with audible creak.
>>"Get outta my fooken property, ya punk!"
>Multiple unknown particles flown high over your head after you heard double-barrel shot.
>>"Ain't no loot fer ya here!" orangish stallion yelled from the window, aiming at you.
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