You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-10 03:55:28 No. 24632979
Find cover and yell that we're not looters. Also ask Cushion if she recognizes the stallion.

2015-09-10 04:43:04 No. 24633578
>You quickly jumped straight to... well, there wasn't any fence, tree, car or anything.
>So you just hid behind a mailbox, hoping that guy's crazy enough to think you've disappeared.
"I'm not a looter, calm down, pony! You're going to kill me!" you screamed at him while Clean stood up and waved both front hooves at him, doing really fancy rear.
>"No need for shotguns, pony! We're peaceful!"
>Faint feminine voice called from house's interior and orange stallion perked his ears to it.
>"What's de matter, laddy?" you heard a question from unseen mare inside.
>She had to be old, older than Cushions and your suspicions were instantly proven right by mad gunner.
>>"Some stickhead tresspassed, granny, but no worries, I'm gonna give her a lesson, yes, Salty?"
>He literally kissed his gun's butt, still aiming at the mailbox you were behind, but he didn't care when your companion approached.
>"Sonny, you can't just shoot dem random ponies cause dey seek help." exclaimed 'granny', adding even more noise and confusion to this situation. "We ain't in Konjeslavia anymore, hammer it in already!"
>>"Ya were doing same thing back dere, granny!"
>"And I regret it, so put Salty down or dere won't be any cheesecake fer ya."
>You peeped, exposing your head a little to see what is actually going on.
>Stallion disappeared from the window.
>Instead, you saw old mare wearing flowery apron with white headscarf and sitting in a wheelchair in the now opened house's entrance. She was smiling friendly.
>Crazy orange pony was right behind her.
>"Sorry fer him. He just heard too much stories, ya know."
"Who is this crazy pony, Clean?" you asked quietly, terrified by him and his behaviour.
>"I heard rumors that some messed up Cooperatist family lived in this district. I guess we have found them" she replied trying to smile at two ponies before you.
>"Na, tell me if ya need somfing, but don't come here, lawn's dangerous." granny was rather straightforward.
>It's ancestral trait probably.
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