You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-10 05:28:50 No. 24634150
We should look around more and then come back later. They can think about if they want to come back in the mean time. That or we could sweep the leaves off the ground with magic.

2015-09-10 05:30:21 No. 24634171
We can use our magic to find the traps in their yard so they can come and go as they please.

2015-09-10 06:02:58 No. 24634547
>You dismissed idea of lifting two heavy ponies out of danger zone, even one in time, as plain dumb.
>You didn't want to depreciate earth ponies or something, but they simple don't know anything about your gift. You kept your opinion to yourself.
>Instead of 'magicking them outside' you lit your horn, focus showed on your muzzle, and then you blew away suspicious leaf carpet, revealing big amount of traps, all shapes and sizes.
>When you used your power, Hranchak shivered ever so slightly.
>Holes were randomly placed everywhere. Two closest to you featured wooden spikes at their bottom.
>With this problem solved you looked up at two foreign ponies again.
"Would you like to go with us later, after we scout the area?" you directed your question to old mare, undoubtedly infinitely more responsible than her gun-loving grandson.
>"I don't fink poor Hranchak could lift all our fings all by himself. He is strong stallion but not hero of some fairy tale" she responded with some sadness audible in her voice. "And if dere is not enouf beds fer all of us?"
>"I think we should go now and give these ponies time to consider everything, Spring. It will be better this way" Clean advised you.
"Fair enough. So good bye Miss Kalina, we will return later to ask if you want to stay here of move to us, or for any other option." you said in cottage's direction, giving old mare a slight bow before leaving.

>When you left their voice range, moving Westwards along the street, Cushions trotted closer to you.
>"You seriously think about bringing stallion out of his mind and invalid old mare to our shelter, or you were just polite and wanted to give them some hope and ability to leave whenever they wish?" she asked you curiously and waited for you to share your opinion with her.
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