You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"No. Okay. So what season we have now? It's autumn, right? It's already colder than we'd like it sometimes, especially during nights. We will need some sweaters or at least scarfs, or else looking for supplies later will be a no-no."
>You continued your little disquisition, convincing both yourself and your friend that your sympathy can be beneficial.
"I'd like to add that with armed stallion on guard we will be more efficient in gathering supplies and defending them against possible enemies. Two of us will scavenge, other two will stay at home. About murdering in sleep part, his grandmother is taming him, I think. He could easily shot us both, or me at least"
>You shivered at though.
>"But he didn't" Cushions finished for you, slowly growing in favour of your view on the situation. "I think we could give them a chance. But only one!"

>When Sun touched horizon, your comrade, leading you again, signaled you to stop and stretched her hoof towards another house.
>This time it was bordering a little park with fountain, cut by now empty trenches.
>Smoke was raising from it's chimney. It wasn't reinforced in any way, you saw a bright green car standing in front of it.
>Single tree grown on cottage's lawn, swing hanging from one of it's trunks.
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