You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-11 10:28:35 No. 24641929
Same as before I guess. Approach and leave a note asking them to meet us nearby. the park would probably be a good place.

2015-09-11 12:53:43 No. 24642959
In regards to the other family I think we could just meet with them on a consistent basis. We can still be a group and lookout for eachother without living together.

2015-09-11 04:01:26 No. 24645036
Not about it.
What's the proper one?

>This time you have decided to be leass sneaky and approach openly, walking on three legs with note held by fourth one, clearly visible.
>You weren't going to be taken for a looter this time.
>You stopped before possesion's border and waved your note at front windows. Then you calmly put it down and pressed to sidewalk using some random stone.
>Clean was by your side this time, trying to be close to you in case of any danger showing up.
>That's pretty romantic, you thought to yourself. Two mares, friends already, standing together and gazing upon sunset.
>You waited some time wondering if anypony will open the doors and greet you, after seeing that you are unarmed and peaceful.
>But nopony did.

>You prepared to move on to another place when you almost jumped upwards, startled by close explosion.
>I' actually saw stuff blowing up' kind of close.
>Shooting picked up with new intensity, you could distinguish heavy machine guns and light hoof weaponry.
>Cushions immediately took your hoof and forced you to hide behind green car. She hid near you promptly.
>Gunfight raged for some time, then in one direction it abruptly ended.
>A brief while later you took a glimpse of armoured car from your hideout.
>Sun was painted on it's side and it was hastily retreating towards city. Some ponies were mounting it.
>Soon others were running towards the park, covering each other in turns untill they all disapeared from your sight, probably getting into trenches you've discovered.
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