You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-11 07:36:35 No. 24647992
I'd say put the dog out of his misery, but killing isn't an easy thing to do, even if it's a mercy.
Can we tell anything else from the weeping?
Is it male of female?

2015-09-11 07:51:55 No. 24648171
>You felt somewhat sorry for this poor dog. He might be an enemy, but who deserved to slowly die in some muddy hole, pierced by nasty spikes?
>Absolutely nobody you could think of, even Nightmare Moon followers you know from school, deserved this fate.
>But you had no means to end this dog's suffering.
>He continued to mumble some words, 'horn' and 'no' appearing more than once.

>More important was weeping inside cottage.
>It wasn't too difficult to recognize feminine voice.
> Do you want to approach or follow Cushions, wanting you to return your home?
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