You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-12 09:41:23 No. 24654664
Tell them where we live, and see if they'll help us get back.
Also find out the state of the battle, how's it going, where are the lines, and is this area reasonably safe.
Actually, find out how safe it is around here first, if its ok then ask for help back. If everything is about to go tits up, ask them were we can go that might be safe.

2015-09-12 02:49:24 No. 24660914
>Two appointed soldiers approached to help you and Clean in an instant, but you halted them.
"Wait! Is it safe enough for you to leave your barricade?"
>You asked with high-pitched voice, trying to be louder than guns.
>>"No need to yell, miss. If it wasn't, you two would be dead already!" closer stallion replied, loudly and clearly, but still in tone lower than yours. "They pushed us back from city borders with a sudden strike, that's why are you here, right? Because otherwise civvies would be evacuated."
"I was 'evacuated' once and I don't want it happening again too soon. We live several houses up this street. Do you maybe know Dogs could be, I don't like the idea of meeting them while on our way home?"
>>"Corporal said they can be everywhere. Since almost all our tanks and most of other vehicles in the district is gone, we can't hold all of the line constantly."
>>"But we aren't falling back yet. Ponies still live here and we swore to protect them." added other soldier. "So what, are we going or not?"
>"Just give me a hoof, okay? And try to not hurt my passenger, she's invalid, something may easily snap." said Cushions, relieved that you are going to get some aid.
>"Hey, I was three times stronger than you at your age!" exclaimed Kalina half-seriously, trying to sweep her sorrow away.

>You were given one stretcher for wounded Hran, he was carried by one of the stallions and Clean.
>And you were buttressing Kalina's left, other stallion her right, to carry her.
>Soon Clean announced that this is the place. She thrown keys at you and you galloped to open the doors.
>Then all four of you entered, resting Kalina on the kitchen chair and her grandson on sofa.
>>"Do you need help with treating his wound? It looks nasty, how did it happen anyway?" asked one of the soldiers.
>"He saw some Dog intruders and shot at them." explained old mare, with her head low.
>>"He had a gun?"
>"Loaded with salt"
>>"Brave but stupid. As I said, can we help more?"
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