You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-12 03:03:46 No. 24661089
If they know anything about treating wounds their help would be appreciated.
The only other thing we could ask is which way out of the city would be the safest to flee in if we have to.

2015-09-12 03:24:13 No. 24661387
Get them to help treat his wounds if they will.
Ask if we see a Dog, is it better to surrender or fight/flee based on how they treat civilians.
Ask in the event it goes tits up here, which direction should we go.

2015-09-12 04:05:53 No. 24661982
"Your help would be very, very appreciated"
>You assured your helpers and then went to bring bandages, painkillers, even these two potions you had.
>When you returned, white stallion was already cleaning Hran's wound using water from his personal flask.
>His brick-coloured colleague unpacked a single gauze.
"Here, these may be useful"
>You put all the utensils close to them and took a few steps back.
>Checking on Clean resulted in seeing her sitting in front of Kalina and trying to have uplifting conversation with her.
>Older mare was just sitting there with her head down, she poked her useless wing and whispered something.

>Now back to living room.
>Soldier's weren't exactly acting like well-educated medics but they knew what they were doing.
>Wound was cleaned, gauze in place. Then white stallion coiled two of the bandages around Hran's torso.
>>"Bullet went through, so it's not a concern. No important organ was damaged, fortunately. Whoever shot him was either complete dumbass or was wounded or startled himself. Fucking Dogs" he relationed Kalina's grandson's condition to you, anger appearing in his voice by end of his statement.
>It was absolutely understandable, although you thought that soldiers definitely curse too much.
"Before you go, can I ask you for some advice? We're three mares alone, what to do? What if Dogs capture us? How do they treat peaceful civilians?"
>>"They barrage cities filled to the brim with civvies, this already should serve as an answer." He responded irritated. "Tile here defended Manehattan before, he could tell you what he saw."
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