You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>>"It's not a secret" purple soldier took the floor. "They don't care about collateral damage and are easily pissed off. I don't know nothing for sure, but POWs supposedly are sent to labour camps or shot if they resist. Unicorn soldiers aren't taken prisoner, they are slain instead. I know even less about fate of ordinary folk. One time my squad hid from air ride when we were retreating, and I've spotted two fighters diving at refugee convoy. Infantry pillages countryside for supplies on regular basis. It's understandable, but using flamethrowers during this? That's all I saw and can confirm." he finished his elaborate with a sigh.
>He didn't seem to be too disturbed by his own tale, however you could easily feel his pity towards these unknown ponies.
"So I think hiding or escaping from Fillydelphia are best options we have" you said after brief hestitation. You decided not to tell these guys about last option: surrendering. Partially because you weren't convinced to it after Tile said that enemy is killing prisoners of your kin.
>Maybe they execute only soldiers?
>>"Heh, try escaping this shithole now. We're encircled, haven't you heard?" white one snapped angrily, looking at the ceiling.
>>"Shut up Shield. Maybe you could sneak out via eastern districts, I don't know. There aren't any terrible reports coming from there, but Dogs shell these parts much."
>Several shots echoed throughout the air, coming from crossroads barricade.
>>"Get your shit together, Tile, we're leaving" announced Shield, picking up his gear.
>>"Good luck, mares" said Tile before they left.
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