You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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You can do a magic spark, players haven't really tried anything else. But you are not very skilled in magic. How could you learn much more as pony employed in retail before the war.

>Fleeing might be truly difficult now, you've thought.
>Hranchak couldn't move for some time. He had to recover before you could take even first steps towards escaping.
>Also you should talk to both your companions about it, and initiate Hran into this issue when he regains his consciousness.
>You didn't saw him fainting, he must've passed out when you were in bathroom.

>You trotted to the kitchen, both Clean and Kalina were enjoying some soup. Your friend gave you a smile and old mare patted your side.
>"So, how's Hranchak?" they said in unison.
"He needs to recover, but he'll live. Nothing too nasty happened."
>"Uff" you heard Kalina "This is truly a relief, you lifted some weight from my heart. Thank you, sweetheart."
>"We've heard your conversation with these guys" said Cushions after a while of relative silence. "What we're going to do? I wanted to stay home, everything I have is here."
>"I don't know what to say. I stayed in my country for whole war, but left soon after it collapsed. It's economy went straight to the trash and it's citizens became poorer and poorer."
>"Anyway, where could we possibly go? When TV was working I saw that frontline was way down south from Fillydelphia" your friend was sceptical. All of a sudden she did a facehoof and raised from her chair. "Silly me, you must be starving! Here, have some soup"
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