You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-12 05:06:35 No. 24662786
Eat soup, then move Hranchak to the couch.
Unless Clean's bed is pretty big we'll have to find something to sleep on.

2015-09-12 05:49:33 No. 24663309
>You gratefully took the full, slightly steaming bowl from Cusions, then sat on last free chair.
>You qickly ate warm, thin yet still tasty cauliflower soup, listening to ambient warsounds.
>Thankfully, most of them were preasumably further than narby intersection, although you heard little noise from there too.
>After satisfying your hunger you went to check on Hran.
>Soldiers left him on the couch after they brought him here, but you had to see if he's comfortable enough.
>Alas, he was still unconscious, so you couldn't talk to him. You removed inconveniently placed pillows and stuck one under his head.
>Then you returned to the kitchen.
"Clean, would you kindly tell me how big is your bed?"
>You asked.
>"Well, certainly not big enough to host three grown mares. I'm glad you asked, though, you reminded us that we should look for something to sleep on. Bare floor's pretty poor place to do so."
"There certainly are beds in other cottages, but I'm not so certain about sticking my nose one centimeter outside our shelter now."
>"I could make a 'bed' on the floor in living room from spare bedsheets I have, I think." considered your friend, propping her head with a hoof. "It should be enough for now. But who will sleep in bed and who on the floor?"

One more post and I will go to sleep, I have to do some things at the morning.
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