You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-13 07:48:33 No. 24670827
Can we discern if its Ponies or Dogs making the noise?
If we can, try and peek out to see what's going on outside,

2015-09-13 08:16:18 No. 24670976
>Creatures responsible for shouting were almost certainly ponies, you judged after opening the door just enough to hear better.
>They went silent when hum became more audible and you weren't sure if you should peep outside. You knew that aeroplanes make the same sound, but this time it was somehow different than before.
>After brief struggle between reason and curiousity you stuck your head out the house to see what is going on.
>Barricade seemed to be empty, as you didn't spot any figures, pony or not, there. You hears shout so it is best to assume that soldiers there are just hiding.
>Just then aeroplanes flew over you on height lower than usual.
>There were just three and they dropped something, so you hid in house's interior just in case.
>You heard jingling of metal on the street and sidewalk, multiple knocks of small things basically everywhere around.
>You took cover, hearing movement from living room, probably Hran was awake.

>Nothing happened, nothing exploded, so you got to your hooves again and trotted to see what exactly planes dropped.
>On your lawn lied vast amount of spoons.
>Their scoops were carved and they had somewhing written on their handles.
"Pony, go home, so I can go too" you read loudly.
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