You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>You played in your head with idea of sending green mare outside, staying in relatively comfy house yourself.
>After a short while you've decided that your magic is desired advantage when scavenging, so it seemed that you had to go.
>Damn. You need for action was satsfied yesterday so much that you could sell your soul for a ceasefire.
"I'm going to check your house, Miss Kalina. Is there anything apart of wheelchair that you or we would need?"
>"Well, my son dug us a basement when he was alive, there are come fruit preserves and pickled vegetables" she said, taking her time to hestitate. "I think that's all."
"Goodbye then, I'll be back as soon as possible" you assured your companions, picking your bag. You might have telekinesis, but it will be occupied by a bed, you felt it.

>You left your shelter, Clean decided that doors will be closed but not locked in case you had to enter really quick.
>Quick trot south led you to familiar barricade with also familiar squad of ponies holding their posts. Purple pegasus waved his hoof at you.
>You recognized Tile.
>>"Where in Tartarus are you trying to go?" he asked warily when he approached you.
>>"I could ask you exactly the same question, soldier. Do you mind returning to your post?" said the same guy that let his ponies help you yesterday.
>>"Of course Corporal, sir!" Tile replied and instantly trotted away, leaving you be.
>When you were passing the intersection your field of view was wider, so you could see pillars of smoke raising from various places in suburbs.
>Some of them close.
>Some of them were located in general direction of your objective.
>Full of bad feelings you trotted cautiously, sticking to walls, towards Kalina and Hran's home.

>Bad feelings were proven right. Their house was covered by roaring fire.
>Further in street's perspective you saw armoured car from previous day, wrecked and abandoned. Three dead ponies were lying beside it.
>There was more smoke rising from park's direction.
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