You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-13 06:13:53 No. 24677633

Ask the soldiers If there are any nearby houses they didn't take a bed from?

2015-09-13 06:42:03 No. 24677992
Yes. Doubts. I want both players and myself to enjoy thing I'm doing and simultaneously give you a challenge. I want to do it right.

>You left building seemingly taken as shelter by soldiers and trotted back to their position.
>You weren't sure how they would react if disturbed, but they were pony soldiers, plus their commandant helped you before.
>You cleared your throat to gain their attention.
"Hello. I see you are making yourself cozy"
>My Celestia this is awkward.
"Could you please tell me if there is any bed still to be found nearby? We need one more for our own shelter, your answer would be very helpful."
>After a while of silence you got collective chuckle coming from most stallions present.
>>"Sure thing, lady. We have taken every adult-sized bed from here to your home. You could look for smaller ones, I think you would fit" one soldier replied with a smirk on his muzzle.
>>"What are you going to do then, move it on your back? Or maybe with your horn?" asked you other one, he was an unicorn himself. "I didn't meet any gifted pony that could move heavy furniture only by his magic."
>>"You won't be very gifted anymore when Dogs get you, Blaze."
>"Ey shut the fuck up, Tile."
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