You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"You know, I already did it once. With adult-sized bed, to be more specific."
>You bragged, wanting to cover awkwardness you felt before.
>>"Yeah, right, and we alone can go all the way to Howlsberg" said unicorn "But you will find a bed you seek so hard in a cottage two possesions north from our little Fort Snafu"
>You thanked soldiers for that they were helpful once again and left the intersection.
>One quick trot later you found yourself in front of house standing next to utterly ruined one. Just fifteen more meters and you could visit Corkscrew's grave if you wished to.
>But you weren't here for a grave. Unicorn was right, in this hut's bedroom you saw lighter rectangle, indicating where regular bed stood once, wardrobe with both doors pulled out, and bed a bit bigger than usual filly-sized one.
>You lied on it to see if you would fit.
>You did.
>So you focused and engulfed furniture in your azure aura, putting backpack and vest you've found on it.
>It was slowly lifted, not too high. You could move while holding a bed in your magical grip, but it was slow and tiring.
>When you arrived to your shelter, you were panting and slightly sweating.
>You physically opened the door and just after you brought bed in, it slipped out your magic.
>With Clean's help you picked it up and took to living room, falling on it right after it was properly placed.
"Never more."
>You said weakily, puffing.
"At least not this week. Miss Kalina, your house is burning, I couldn't get anything from it."
>"You tried, sweetheart" old mare replied, trying to get some warmth in her rather unhappy voice.
>Cushions brought you some water. You finally pulled dog's stuff out from under yourself.
>"Wait, what's this?" your friend inspected backpack and vest. "You looted guy from the hole? Was he dead already? Have you checked what's in there?"

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