You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"Yes, yes, and no"
>You said, calming your breath and just having a rest. Satisfying your thirst helped much.
"Time to find out what that fellow had on himself"
>Everypony who could gathered around to see what may be inside vest's pouches that you decided to examine first.
>Hran reminded you about his presence by low moan followed by "I want to see too!", so you turned towards the couch. Cushions put Kalina on your bed.
>Pouches contained two clips for assault rilfe, three gauzes, small pack of patches, bottle that after opening smelled like alcohol and salicylic acid, letter written in foreign language, army knife, small multitool and a small book with strange symbol on it. It resembled both Sun, and spider web. Rest of pouches were either empty or filled with...
>Watches. Personal watches of all colours and sizes.
>Searching backpack revealed spare underwear and kind of brimless cap, balaclava, simple sewing set, pack of crackers, canned meat and two bottles of water.
>Another water canteen was attached to rucksack's side.
>All three ponies were somewhat disturbed by meat-containing tins, collective decision was to put them away for now.
>You still had much of the day.

It took me so long this time because I tried to draw that symbol. Several times.
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