You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-13 08:17:16 No. 24679088
Sort of like this?
I suppose we could hunt for supplies for the rest of the day. We should probably avoid the park area though.

2015-09-13 10:02:48 No. 24680437
We could head over to the soldiers and see if any of them can translate dog. Might be useful information for them.

2015-09-14 06:12:45 No. 24683254
Not quite. Imagine regular octagon web, around it a circle that must touch web's peaks. Then add "rays" coming from circle, but not placed in line with octagon's peaks. They should stretch from parts of circle corresponding with middle of octagons sides.
For a time I wanted to give you kolovrat, but I decided it will not fit.

I erased magazines and replaced them with clips. I don't know other words if they exist.

>You decided that you can sacrifice spare hours you still have before sunset to hunt for any more useful things.
>Right after you rested of course, it didn't take you too long, but you needed a while for yourself.
>You took letter and book with you, for you wanted it to be translated by soldiers, if possible. It might have some useful information for them, and maybe for you too.
>Your first stop was, well, barricade. Soldiers there greeted you with tired, slightly fake grins, and Tile waved at you again.
>>"What brings you here again? Puberty?" unicorn was merciless, and let out muffled chuckle when you blushed even so slightly.
>Several others laughed too for a brief while, finally silenced by Tile and their commandant.
>>"Ah, well, do you maybe want to show us proof that you can lift and move a bed around with only your magic?" asked other guy you didn't know yet "We made some serious bets on that matter, you know."
"I just want to show you something, please. Can anypony here translate dog?"
>They were looking at each other for several seconds, before unicorn approached you.
>>"I can. I'm not outstanding in this poor excuse for a language, mind it."
>You showed him the letter first. He picked it with his magic.
>He started to read it and he surely was taking his time to do so. He frowned once, and then worry creeped on his face.
>>"Well, this is a copy of proclamation issued by both their Chancellor and Generalissimus.
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