You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-14 12:51:35 No. 24685744
Or there could be enough ordinance in the house to take out a whole block.
We don't know jack shit about explosives, so the best thing to do is leave them the fuck alone.
Would someone put that much explosive in a single little house? Probably not, but they could, and that's reason enough to just walk away and probably assume the other houses are in the same state. Better we just return home or go somewhere else, and tell the guards at the intersection about it when we pass them.

2015-09-14 12:59:54 No. 24685809
Although telling the soldiers might be a good idea, they could disarm the traps and we'd split the loot allowing them to get the stuff from the traps while we get the survival supplies.

2015-09-14 03:31:32 No. 24687503
>Although you clearly saw that traps were there, you had no idea what to do with them, plus you were afraid of blowing yourself up.
>At least yourself, you said in mind, little shiver travelling through your whole body.
>You retreated carefully enough to not step on any too pointy or sharp litter, and went towards abandoned tank.
>You went past it without any trouble, but you aready saw figures of two ponies swiftly approaching from your local post's direction.
>You waved at them just to be one hundred percent sure that they won't do anything utterly stupid. Better safe than sorry.
>They were visibly fraught, cautious and ready to shoot someone. However they slowly relaxed, looking at you with mixed feelings.
>>"You heard that, I presume?" asked one of them, gray pegasus, trying to act like this was completely usual question.
>>"You have just earnt yourself a medal for blinding smartness, Chop. I have a better question for you, mare. What the fuck did you do?" another unicorn had more proffesional and frank attitude.
"N-nothing at all, I swear!
>You assured soldiers, slightly nervous, maybe you shouldn't even be there?
"I tried to enter a house right after that intersection and then I heard a string snap and door blew up. Just like that!"
>>"Well, you are alive and kicking, that's neat. So some bastard booby-trapped this house. Have you tried to visit any more cottages?" unicorn was still the one to investigate.
>>"That's goot thing too. I think we should return and report about danger to our commandant. Are you going with us, yes?"
"Yes, but there's more I wanted to say, now that I met you. There are... there are some our soldiers and a tank at checkpoint behind us."
>You said, trying to remain calm and even almost succeeding. Your voice wasn't shaky at all, just more high-pitched.
>Both armed ponies looked at you for awhile, then nodding to each other.
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