You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>>"You have to go with us and tell Corporal about all what you saw. This might be important" announced unicorn after quiet hestitation.
>They made you take position between them, with pegasus leading and unicorn guarding your back.
>All three of you remained close to the walls, and soldiers were advertent.
>But returning didn't take too long and it was uneventful.
>Pegasus reported return of the scout squad and then gently pushed you towards ruby earth pony, who was looking straight in your eyes, anticipant of what you had to say.
>He was quiet, so you assumed that you just need to talk right now.
"Um... Mister Commandant, I want to tell you that somebody hid traps in houses one block east from here. I stumbled upon one, but managed to escape before it gone off. There are also dead ponies and abandoned tank at next crossroads. Tank has some symbols written on it's side. They are pretty fresh."
>You were calm enough not to become a laughing stock for ponies around, surely more used to gruesome pictures you have seen. Yet your eyes were wide open, and that was spotted by ruby pony.
>>"Is this all? If yes, you should probably go home. What's your name?"
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