You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"I didn't bring anything this time, Clean"
>She slightly saddened, who wouldn't after all, but after your next words her expression turned to worry.
"I found a house which was booby trapped. I blew up it's front door, but I managed to get to a safe distance before."
>"Booby trapped?" all of a sudden you heard Kalina's curious voice. "Like how?"
"Single string across the doorway. I saw more traps than one I triggered."
>"You could see dem normally?"
"Well, yes."
>"So they ain't ment for enemy soldiers, dey are prepared to take out bandits or other creatures in a rush, not careful."
"How could you know that?"
>"Back in Konjeslavia rebels booby trapped literally everyfing when dey were retreating, so traps could kill even pretty cautious soldier hitting the hay in supposedly checked house, trying to loot a body, using de well, opening a toolbox or food ration, even removing fick spiderweb" she explained to you.
"So if I decided not to risk entering another house..."
>"You were very wise little mare, Spring."
>"It's making scavenging waaaay more complicated" complained Cushions with a loud sigh. "So where we will find any supplies now?"
"I asked soldiers from barricade for help. Their Corporal agreed to disarm traps, but now, now I am not sure about the whole idea. I might just have sentenced them to death."
>It was early afternoon, you had tonnes of watches, so you could tell it's about 13:54, give or take three minutes.
>You still had a time to do something.
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