You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>Their bulding up enthusiasm was disturbed by chilly voice of the ruby corporal.
>>"As much as I want to help you, I've already sent five of my ponies to scout both the other barrricade area and the block with booby trapped house. I don't think I can afford letting any more of my soldiers to go with you. Not until scout party returns."
>Armed ponies voiced their dissatisfaction, just a bit, and then went silent. You could easily tell that they are disappointed.
>Perspective of fine meal was most likely very inviting for them. You didn't feel surprised when one of them, this white stallion, whispered with this companions and then walked to his commandant.
>>"I ask for premission to voluntarily go with these two mares, Corporal sir!" he said while standing at attention and saluting. Ruby stallion sighed.
>>"We're not in the barracks, at ease, Shield. You know there aren't too many of us here and we don't know whole situation around."
>>"I also know that scurvy won't help us defending this position. And our scout party should show up soon."
>>"You know what, Shield?" said corporal after taking lenghty gaze in his subordinate's eyes. "You can go. You are right about the scurvy. But mind you, if some Equestrian troops will capture you and charge you for desertion, I'm not helping you."
>Shield faltered slightly, but stood still and nodded.
>>"Understood, sir."
>He gathered some of his equipment lying near his previous position, put his helmet and nodded to you, ready.
>Where Clean should lead you first?

I'm away for some time.
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