You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-15 03:48:11 No. 24698186
Paranoia kicking in. Approach with caution, assume there are possible traps in and around the building.

2015-09-15 03:49:05 No. 24698194
Well, it's an obvious place for supplies, so we should watch out for traps.
Other than that, lets just grab what we can.
Long life foods would be best.
We could also do with some can openers if they have them.

2015-09-15 03:55:12 No. 24698258
If the roads are clear and shopping carts exist, take as many as we can and fill them up. Can goods are a priority, though anything that might still be good but will go bad soon should be taken. We can eat that up now and save the longer lasting food for later. Avoid anything that's most likely spoiled without power.
Keep an eye out for seeds for planting, and especially bottled water.

2015-09-15 04:24:40 No. 24698528
>Cushions was already reaching for tomatoes but just before she touched the pack you pulled her back.
"The traps, Clean, there might be some traps!"
>Her ears dropped and eyes widened. Warning was successful, she is not going to endanger herself so easily.
>Shield approached to see if he can spot anything suspicious apart of this pack.
>>"Move it with your magic or something to see what happens. From the safe distance!"
>You followed his command and walked away, then focusing on fishy package. Your aura enveloped it and you slowly pushed it towards shop's interior.
>Nothing happened.
>You tried being more stern, moving it around.
>Still nothing. No clicks, snaps, jingles, and thankfully no explosions. But in that noise around you could miss sounds other than detonation, couldn't you?
>Then all of you moved further back, you decided to lift packed dried tomatoes out of the shop.
>You closed your eyes and clenched your teeth, preparing for something unknown.
>Drop of sweat travelled from your forehead all the way to your muzzle.
>You opened your eyes again.
>Package was floating in the air in front of the shop.
>You took a deep breath and placed it on the sidewalk, allowing white soldier to check it first.
>>"It's clear!" he announced.
>You approached the shop again, stallion already searching for more suspicious things.
>He asked you to use your magic several more times, but it seemed that 'Go for Veg' wasn't booby trapped.
>You decided to overcome your fear and entered the building via broken window, while Shield used other one. You didn't move, he was the one looking around at first.
>After walking around for a bit and taking a look here and there he visibly relaxed.
>>"Well, it looks like this place is safe. Gather what you want, mares, be careful and warn me if you will find something unusual. I'll guard the corner, just in case" he said and left, this time through the door, bashing it properly.
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