You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>You returned to your shelter swiftly as you way back was uneventful.
>In time of peace you would probably say 'It was boring', but now it felt like a blessing from powers above. Maybe even from Celestia herself.
>When you returned home, you brought happiness with you. Kalina mainly seemed to be glad that you are back in one piece, while Hran was positively surprised by supplies you gathered.
>Successful scavenging was good for morale of your little group.
>>"So yeah" said Shield after greeting everypony in the house and placing tomatoes on the floor. "I'm off to the barricade. Shit, it was awesome to leave it even for a while."
>"I share your opinion, it was kind of nice to go on a walk too. It's way better than sitting here, looking at decreasing water supply while listening to gunfight outside." agreed Cushions, they shared wide smiles.
>>"But don't forget the 'warm meal' part of our deal, okay? Today or tomorrow, it doesn't matter, but prepare it soon." Shield said standing in the doorway. He jokingly saluted you and your friend, then trotted away.
>Clean closed and locked the door.
>"What a day, huh? I'll unpack and count our troves."
>You felt hungry and stress made you tired.
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