You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2015-09-15 05:07:54 No. 24698998
We're probably tired, so we'll just eat tonight, sleep, and cook them either breakfast or dinner tomorrow.
Do we know how many of them there are? It'd feel bad if we cooked and didn't have enough to go around.

2015-09-15 05:31:22 No. 24699250
>Clean pushed pack of tomatoes to the kitchen, then she moved her multipack of water. You placed your two nearby, then you both unpacked all of your food and loose water bottles.
>It took whole table. You knew that it still isn't abundance when you divide it all between four ponies, nevertheless sight made you feel warmth inside.
>Your escapade wasn't in vain.
>"I bet you are starving. We all had a time to eat, except you, so, well, you will have the honour of opening first of our new tins." Clean placed her hoof on your back and sent you encouraging smile. "You surely want to eat heated food, so just pick the can you want and I will prepare the pot."
>She turned around and went through a cupboard to find nice little pot.
>At the same time you choose cucumber soup, opened the tin and poured it's content into the pot.

>Not long time later you were enjoying steaming, tasty soup. You had to make it thinner, so it would become less salty, but you still felt like it was cooked by your mom and you were eating it in your own cozy home.
>Fire was gently flaming in the living room, Kalina tried to knit something from wool that Clean found somewhere.
>Hran was sleeping and oh boy how loud he was snoring.
>Clean was reading a book.
>Your head was heavy, eyes almost closing, yet Sun wasn't even particularly close to the horizon.
>Then your lazy mind stumbled upon an important question.
>You promised you are going to prepare fresh and warm meal for the soldiers.
>How many of them were there anyway?
>You saw eight by the barricade today. The corporal said that some of them were scouting next block east. You racked your brain to memorize how many were there at first.
>Fourteen? You think that's it. Fourteen stallions to feed.
>With this in your mind you sluggishly walked towards your bed, conveniently placed when the TV stood before. You have to than Cushion for this later.
>You were asleep quicker than your head touched the pillow.
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