You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>It's late autumn.
>About five months ago peaceful realm of Equestria was challenged by envious Republic of Dogs, threat was met with proper response. War descended upon fertile pony lands.
>Enemy forces were vastly superior in equipment and numbers, thus pushing surprised and shattered ponies far south, towards central provinces of Equestria. Manehattan was the first city to fall.
>You are young, blue unicorn mare, who was living monotonous, uninteresting life, trying hard to be adult and self-efficient.
>And your home city of Fillydelphia was besieged by Dog armies.
>You were evicted from your relatively peaceful neighbourhood and forced to wander around in search of another place to stay.
>You stumbled upon a nice shelter and managed to befriend three other survivors.
>Green earth pony mare, Clean Cushions, who knows this district pretty well.
>Light-pink pegasus mare, Kalina. She is old and crippled, but successfully tries to be helpful. She is a good cook.
>And finally, orange earth stallion, Kalina's grandson, named Hranchak. He is somewhat out of his mind, now wounded thanks to his craziness. He's energetic, loyal, but prejudiced against unicorns. Can repair or build various devices.
>You gained sympathy from bunch of Equestrian soldiers guarding nearby barricade, and forged a deal with them - help in exchange for homemade meals.
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