You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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What happened before:

Last thread:
>You and Hranchak built improvised stove.
>Then you tried to gather information about your parents and Cleans husband, but nopony could tell you anything certain.
>You found a ferry and left a note for it's owner.
>When you were away, finding a way to get to the northern bank of the river, your neighbours tried to convince your group to share supplies, your comrades refused and informed you when you returned. You decided to not share.
>During chat with Bunia airdrop happened, and thanks to courtesy of nearby soldiers you got a chance of obtaining part of its contents.
>Later you visited Brisk, unicorn mare working as a decorator, skilled in art. After some friendly chat you both went to visit Bunia.
>Listening to radio, you and your newest friends came up with interesting theory: current Chancellor of Canida and his henchmen might be Changelings.
>Shelling happened, and Brisk fled your block in panic. You gave chase, but to no avail. Close detonation deafened and injured you, also separating you from golden unicorn. You returned to your flat afterwards, got your wound poorly patched and descended to the basement with all your friends due to heavy bombardment.
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