You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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What happened before:

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>You ventured towards Dog-occupied industrial district and harbour, avoiding a sniper on your way thanks to sewer tunnel.
>Road was blocked by Equestrian barricade, seemingly friendly but battered soldiers were stationing there and guarding the place.
>Occasion wasn't wasted and you used the opportunity to gather some news and share information about what you saw on your way - including your Changeling theory. In short, situation in Fillydelphia and whole country was dire yet not completely hopeless. One of the soldiers offered to take you to the other side of barrcade, to the industrial district and you took it.
>It was a trap - the mare, named Thorn, was leading a group of thugs. You hid from them and left to the roof to have upper ground. It was a wise decision, later you were able to take one of Thorn's sidekicks, discovering that he was serving her involuntarily. In fact, most of her band was just too scared to say a word against the mare who seemed more wicked the more you listened to her.
>Finally you managed to get her to climb to your position, she was so full of herself that she agreed to that. It was her mistake. Using her arrogance to your advantage, you hit her with a beton chunk, dazing her. Then you immobilized her by cutting back of her legs. After brief and violent interrogation you threw her off the roof and descended, half-conscious and overtaken by anger.
>Her lackeys dispersed fast, encouraged by pony you took hostage at first. Then with his help you hanged Thorn, ending her little reign of terror. Then you returned to the barricade and told everything.
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