You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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What happened before:

Last thread:
>With a nice and big dosis of your empathy and kindness you slowly sorted out and likely solved Kalina's troubles. She should get better now. Quill handed you two books written in her mother tounge, she really appreciated the gift.
>She will also teach you how to cook when you will find some time.
>Mysterious boxes remained mystery
>You started to walk around and talk with your neighbours. Pegasus helper from the roof was named Whirlwind, unicorn beauty was Silktouch. Stallion was a firefighter and in exchange for art he migh help you scavenging one day.
>Next ponies on your must-get-to-know-them list were earth siblings, Tinpot and Dixie. You've only met the mare, Dixie. She taught you how to disarm enemy with bare hooves and also shared some tips regarding unnamed combat. She was difficult pony to talk to, preasumably shaped by her shady brother.
>After chatting with Quill's bodyguard you went to the cinema, choosing it and mall from locations you could reach.
>Outside, the place looked just like your average everyday building.
>Inside, though, was a whole another matter. The place enchanted with advanced magic, turned into a scary maze messing with your mind.
>You found two ponies there: not-unicorn stallion named Sincere Apology, Sin for short and completely crazy unicorn mare. The latter pony ran away after unsuccessfull attempt to attack you.
>In one of the rooms you had magically-induced bad trip, because you destroyed the omnipresent empty screen that seemed to watch your every move. You accidentally solved the gunshot mystery - a pony commited suicide to escape the maze. You didn't recover his gun.
>After another hallucination, which separated you from Sin, you found a way out and stumbled upon a pony, guard of some sort. You waited for the opportunity, brought him down and began your interrogation.
>While faking being crazy, by the way.
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