You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-01-29 06:07:51 No. 26287430
seriously? why would he turn his head? Well then throw him towards the door with telekinesis and run to him. knock him out if he's still awake.

2016-01-29 06:17:32 No. 26287541
Time to be angry crazy. A good pet needs to know when to follow orders, not give them.

2016-01-29 06:25:17 No. 26287625
>He wasn't unconscious, but did you really want to knock him out?
>Partially you did. Yes, but how would you escape, then? And how would you deliver a changeling - you were sure ha was one - to the Equestrian military?
>It was your mission, you said to yourself. To prove your theory right and make Equestria fight true, hidden enemy.
>But how? Should you still act crazy or just beat him up until he was out cold?
>There was no place for conflict, and you chose less violent option.
>You smacked his horn to disrupt any spell he could cast, then you simply slapped him.
>Before he could do something, you did that again.
>Time to act angry crazy, you thought to yourself.
>It took several hits here and there to make him submissive again.
>>"Stop, just stop!" he yelled. "I'll go to vet! Where we will head?"
>He readied his ears.
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