You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-01-29 07:34:14 No. 26288388
I would have liked to have taken him to the military camp where we got our gear though if that's too far then let's take him to the theater and try to find him a proper leash.
I want him to both prove changelings are here and make him tell us how the maze works.

2016-01-29 08:36:23 No. 26289066
Let's head to the theater. We can grab Hran and maybe someone else and then head to the outpost. Having extra ponies would be helpful.

2016-01-30 05:37:11 No. 26292692
>At first you were afraid the world around.
>It could be another illusion, just to fool you!
>Carefully you took several steps here and there. Nothing happened. You felt cold breeze on your muzzle, little snowflakes gently touching your nose and eyes.
>>"Don't worry, we're out of the maze" the changling said with a snicker. "You're safe."
>You nodded, and took a deep breath.
>The proof you needed to convince soldiers, to make the generals and all the important guys believe you, was right in front of you.
>Changeling in a pony form, expecting you to lead him somewhere. Without any resistance, to add.
>You could head straight to your friendly neighbouring officer's quarters, but...
>It was too far away. And what if he will begin to suspect where you'll be heading?
>Venom will be definitely much, much less cooperative, there was no doubt about it. You had to do something about this.
>You could lead him to the theatre. It was a place filled with ponies, so the stallion probably wouldn't want to do anything stupid.
"Okay. Follow me and stay close, like a good pet" you said.
>Then you walked for a bit and turned around, watching him expectantly. Venom trotted to you without a word.
>When you made sure he won't try to escape on your way back, you led him straight to your current shelter, the biggest, fanciest and most recognizable building in the whole city, not counting the town hall.

>It didn't take very long to reach the place.
>You chose the great front entrance, so the guards could see and remember the new pony you brought to them.
>However Venom stopped in some distance from this building, clearly wary of following you now.
>>"So the vet lives here, in the Royal Theatre?" he said rather loudly and very clearly. "All by himself?"
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