You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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"Do you know how many ponies are coming?" you asked after you heard the report.
>More like overheard, to be honest. It wasn't for you, but for Tinpot, but he didn't seem to care about your intrerruption.
>"I'm not sure if I spotted all of them, but there are fifteen ponies in five groups. They are coming from all sides, they are very careful on their way and this is why I'm not sure about their numbers. I catched only some glimpses of them."
"So how could you tell there were fifteen of them?"
>"They were different everytime I saw them. Weapons were varying too. They have guns, so we have to be careful."
"Okay. Do we have any plans of defence?"
>>"Not against well trained enemy" said Dixie's brother in his cold, deep voice. "We don't know if there aren't more on the other side of this building, either. Send somepony there!"
>"Yes, right away!"
>>"Somepony take my rilfe. Guards with slingshots and molotovs, get upstairs. Rest of you, take your positions!"
>Any idea of improving the defences with the scarce information you possess? Maybe something else you wish to do?

You'd have to try sneaking away with a prisoner to do this right now.
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