You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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2016-01-30 03:23:31 No. 26296717
make sure the guys with the molotovs are in narrow spaces so that when they throw them they can take out more opposition.

Higher ground is good. Anything down here we can use for cover? If we start to get overwhelmed is our retreat option to run upstairs? Maybe we should just be up there anyway?

2016-01-30 03:34:50 No. 26296862
>The hall is prepared to serve as a blokpost and initial foothold in case of a clash.
>There are improvised covers from fancy columns frought down by ponies living here, supported by some sandbags. Also whole hall is filled with shadows, since electricity is gone.
"If I can suggest something, I think the molotov guys should cover narrow places. This way they could take out more enemies" you said shyly.
>You weren't a warrior, but it was a common knowledge for both caring housewifes and ponies living alone that fire will casue more damage in smaller space filled with stuff than open space.
>Tinpot nodded, acknowledging your suggestion.
>>"You've heard her, stallions. Find yourselves a nice place and fry every bastard stupid enough to show up."
>"There is at least one more group coming from the back" reported the mare from earlier, appearing seemingly out of nowhere. "They also have at least two pegasi."
"What if there will be too many of them and we will be forced to retreat?" you asked, trying to get everything together, to think of something that could assure your victory.
>>"If they will pass this hall, we've prepared several... surprises upstairs. If you will be separated from us, be careful where you place your hooves and what door are you trying to open."
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