You were just living a normal life until you were evicted from your home. Now you must survive in a war-torn city.
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>Your own group and it's safety was above some spy, no matter how much could he know.
>Plus in the stress of fighting, with bullets buzzing aroung you clearly recalled that staircase leading to the roof was now clear.
>Thanks to you. You would feel guilt, but who could predict that nice passage would become a problem one day? Nopony, that's who.
"I have to go, now"
>>"What?" asked Tinpot, looking daggers at you. "You want to leave now? For what purpose?"
"I have my own group to care for and I need to check on them" you explained quickly, already hearing surprise yelp from one of the guards.
>"Wounded, we have wounded!" shaky mare voice shot through the hall.
"I will return as soon as I'll make sure thy are okay, fine?"
>>"Go. Warn everypony you can on your way, just in case our messengers missed somepony."
"Will do" you gave him a short nod and left the hall as fast as your legs allowed you.
>Moving upstairs, you noticed that whole place was still in nearly perfect order, despite dire circumstances.
>Most ponies knew what they were supposed to do and they were preparing traps, gathering planks and stones, making improvised stretchers and lint.
>You didn't even need to warn most of them, just oldest and youngest needed your attention.
>Several minutes later you were on your own floor and you were greeted by your friends, together, wary.
>"What's going on, Spring?" asked Clean immediately.
>>"We heard commotion from lower floors, care to explain?" added Hranchak. He had Salty ready to shoot, pointed at the door.
>"Are we being attacked?" the green mare covered her mouth with her hoof after saying this.
>A weight was lifted from your heart when you saw all of them in one piece.
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